Dr. Sam Srauy

I am an Assistant Professor of Communication at Oakland University in Rochester, MI.

I earned my PhD in media and communication at Temple University’s media and communication program in the School of Communication.  I am also a participant at the Culture Digitally research blog.

My research focus currently examines how economics and norms affect the way that video game designers develop stories that include characters of different ethnicities or species.  I’m not interested in whether or not a game is “racist” or “species-ist”, per se.  In reviewing the academic literature about the topic and thinking about video games, it became clear that there may be systemic factors in the industry itself.  I like to say, “I’m not looking for racists.  I’m looking at how things may unintentionally look, feel, or become ‘racist’ because of how the industry works.”

Prior to an academic career, I worked for a decade as a technology consultant (in the U.S.) and spent some time in an executive position for a technology company in Cambodia.

I also have a bachelor’s and a master’s degree in mass communication and journalism from California State University, Fresno.  I am also an avid videogame player who unapologetically believes that videogames are an important medium for our society.